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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

We have decided to can our beer!

Today we made the order to get a Cask Canning line here at the brewery. We are deciding to can our beer rather than bottle our beer. Why would we do this? Well, we really feel it's important to do our part for the environment and for the beer. You see, the three killers of beer is Air, Heat and Light. Can's are the only package which cuts out 100% of all UV light from ever touching the beer. UV light is what causes skunky beer. Also, cans seal much better than bottle. With beer under constant pressure to get out the crown of a bottle can allow the CO2 to escape over time. Lastly there is the recyclability to consider. Recycling glass is a taxing issue and not widely practiced in the US. Cans are recycled virtually everywhere and reused into making cans quite quickly. The weight savings on cans during transportation also brings the carbon footprint down quite a bit. Just delivering glass to a brewery takes much more fuel and glass factories are typically farther away. At least they are for us. So having a "green beer" isn't such a bad thing now. Cheers! We can't wait to get our new canning line!