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Monday, December 16, 2002

Bohemian Brewery Thriving


“The Bohemian Brewery and Grill in Salt Lake City, UT, has been working to bring a little bit of Czech-style beer culture to the American West. "We're a brewery and restaurant nestled next to the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City," says co-founder Peter Petras. "We opened our doors just in time for the Olympics and have been doing great ever since. We're Czech emigrants bringing our love and craftsmanship of brewing to the American Rockies."

The 12-barrel brewery produces a range of four beers. The centerpiece, of course, is a Czech Pilsner. "Our Czech Pilsener is the purest of beers, in our eyes," Petras says. "Clear and golden in color, light and crisp in taste. Our lager is well aged and made from real Pilzen Malt and actual imported Czech Yeast from Branik - Prague, Czech Republic. Only the finest Saaz hops are used to emulated this outside-of-Pilzen, Pilsener."

The brewery also produces a Bavarian Weiss, a Viennese Lager and a Cherny Bock.”

Monday, September 23, 2002

Brewers Don't Go To Beer Festival

SALT LAKE CITY—Some Western beer brewers avoided a beer festival this weekend because state liquor laws would have required them to water down their lagers and ales.

There were 60 different beers on tap from 20 different breweries Saturday at the annual Gallivan Center's Brewers Festival in Salt Lake City. Some of them were from out of state.

But Eric Dunlap, brewing manager for Red Rock Brewing Co. in Salt Lake City, said there are a lot of breweries that did not show up, because they do not make beer with 3.2 percent alcohol—Utah's legal limit.

"We're missing a lot of great breweries. There are a lot that specialize in styles that aren't here," Dunlap said.